digg-logoJust like many others, Digg also seems somewhat envious and want to do something really serious to make things equally impressive and friendly for the users.

Digg Boss, Kevin Rose says in a interview that his company is considering some really serious overhauling of the social networking site.

According to Digg boss, the social networking site will soon be given a totally new direction and new Digg search options are something that really indicates towards it.

However, he avoided providing enough details and just said that it’s going to do something really serious.

In another interview Rose has said that he wants more increase in the participation of the web site users and they are going to introduce some new products that will help to make top stories getting 50,000 votes or more.

“The step we are going to take is going to the biggest revamping for the site and you will see that how we succeed to give digg an utterly new direction and you will also be allowed to find out how things work behind the scene.”

When asked about the excepted arrival date of the new services, Rose told that they are due in the coming six months and it will not be all about logo change, as you will find lots of other changes too.

“The basic motive behind all these changes is to make Digg something really impressive in real-time nature,” he added.

Source: Techcrunch.com

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