Digital Foundry tested Steam Deck

In the hands of experts was a version with 512 GB of memory.

Digital Foundry experts have already received a new portable console Steam Deck and published a review of the console, where they told about the pros and cons of the miniature PC. Official distribution of devices will begin on February 28, but when the console will be available in Russia is not known yet.

In the hands of experts was a version with 512 GB of memory. The experts have noted the impressive size of the console, compared to the Nintendo Switch, but it does not hinder the convenience of using it, rather the opposite. The control and location of the buttons was also very convenient.

The speakers of Steam Deck give high-quality sound, but comfortable gameplay is often hampered by the sound of the fan inside the device. But the user interface was considered by Digital Foundry somewhat overloaded, noting slow navigation, which is very noticeable when visiting the pages in the store. In terms of performance the console exceeded all expectations, but the autonomy of Steam Deck in performance mode of various projects leaves much to be desired.


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