$100K Granted By Mozilla To Boost Up An Open Video Format For The Web World

In an effort to create an open video format Mozilla Foundation is giving a grant. The said grant is of $100,000 to give weightage to the effort to create an open video format.

This open video format called Theora will be created for the web. Theora, the open source video codec will be worked out to develop and improve with advancements. Its grant money will be looked after by Wikimedia Foundation.

Important to note here is that Mozilla is also making grounds in order to create place for Theora and Vorbis. Vorbis like Theora is a codec, but it is an audio codec. The supportive ground for Theora and Vorbis is being created in Fire Fox Web browser.

There are already many video codecs available, and they are also superior in technical qualities than Theora. These codecs come with licensing fees or otherwise they provide restricted usage. Whereas, Mozilla plans to offer Theora in vice versa.

At the time being, the quality is not remarkable but it can be hoped that the quality will improve with the passage of time.

If Mozilla succeeds to implement its plan of launching the video codec successfully, and also improving its quality, it can be suspected that it will provide a competition to WMV; Windows’ Media Video or MPEG-4. With this effort, Mozilla has once again come in to the lime light. It has placed a challenge for the existing and widely used WMVs. Now it’s time for them too to get up and work.

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