In the revolution of Touch iPhone’s and iPod’s new software is emerging in the market as a result of advancement in technologies and also of upgradation. In most cases it is available at a cost of some dollars for their uses. As it is the company’s product it is hard to find free download of this software.

Once it reaches the market they are available in many registered sites at a cost of some dollars as per the release. But in this case of iPhone Touch 3.1 OS the firm itself made it available at free of cost for downloading and many of the iPhone users are upgraded to this 3.1 OS whereas in the case of iPod Touch the upgrade to OS 3.1 is made available to users at the cost of $4.95.

But most of the iPod Touch users are not willing to upgrade OS to 3.1 at extra cost hence looking for any of the technique of free download. But this is not available in all the sites in website. A BlogsDNA has arranged for the free download and this has various procedures to download the required update.

This OS 3.1 firmware available to iPhone/iPod users consists of many features and they are,

  • Mixing is possible with the Genius Mixes.
  • Helps to organize Applications in iTunes 9.
  • Videos from Mail and MMS could be able to save into a camera roll.
  • Syncing capacity is improved for music, movies, TV, podcasts, and photos
  • In iTunes store and Apps store the display of your iTunes account credit is made possible to check with the account credits.
  • New option of “save a new clip” is available which is helpful in trimming a new video in iPhone 3GS.
  • Wi-Fi is more with 3G iPhone when Bluetooth is turned on, available of voice control in this 3GS iPhone with the Bluetooth headsets.
  • Phone numbers could be pasted with the help of keypad provides anti-phishing facility in safari browser, exchange of calendar syncing and invitation handling is improved from previous version.
  • Other than these it also come up with a new upgrade of fixing bugs.

This OS 3.1 is available to download in your iPhone or iPod by just clicking on “check for update” which is a button available on iTunes9. If you are the one using a jail-broken or unlocked software in-built phone then it is better to wait for the new tools for download from Dev- Team.

If you download or upgrade in normal terms by clicking on “check for update” then you could not use the iPhone in future because of your jail-broken device. This update comes in the package of 241 MB and this has three kind of download for three different iPhone’s and that includes

All these OS 3.1 firmware makes to upgrade your iPhone /iPod with the latest technologies which are described above and thus makes your iPhone to appear as one of the new iPhone in market.