Downloadable and customized ringtones: The most popular feature in today’s mobile phone

Mobile phones have become a common sight in this age of telecom revolution.These days different mobile phones are available with several personalized services and features. One of the most popular features in today’s mobile phones is downloadable and customized ringtones. The mobile phone users often have a special ringtone to identify own as well as some caller’s phone without looking at the number. High school and college aged kids are the people who leading the market in terms of ringtone downloads.

During the past few years, the usage of monophonic and polyphonic ringtones has greatly increased and there is an ever-increasing demand for more ringtones. Because of this increasing demand, many Websites and portal have begun to provide such ringtones on the Internet. Normally, most of these websites charged for the ringtones or wanted to catch more users for themselves. But contrarily, people wanted more and more ringtones for free and it was the basic reason that developed the concept of free downloadable ringtones.

Thousands of websites and portals are providing almost all sorts of ringtones these days that include songs, latest releases, instrumentals, ethnic songs, religious chants, dialogues and much more. These days, most of the free downloadable ringtones are found in the MIDI, WAV or MP3 formats. However, free video ringtones come in the very small packages of the .3GP format.

It depends a lot on the capabilities of your phone to download totally free ringtones. If your mobile can be connected to your PC by data cable, infrared or Bluetooth, there are a lot such place as help you to download suitable files for ringtones for free. The possibilities have expanded further after becoming MP3s a standard for ringtones.

The thing you must keep in mind before downloading ringtones from some site is that this site of downloading ringtones is secure site. There are also some sites that are run by malicious coders who don’t hesitate to include viruses and spyware with the ringtones and these are the things that none wants for free.



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