Everyone wants to have the best carrier service for their mobile phone that not only provides speedy connection but also maintains the high-standard of quality in every aspect of service. ATT and Cingular are two those carriers that need not any introduction as they are well-known everywhere because of their quick and quality services that feature many remarkable objects.

If you are enjoying the services of any of these two carriers and want to have some latest popular ringtones for your device, funtonia.com is the source that can provide you what you really want to have for your device.

Here, you can get plenty of ATT ringtones as well as Cingular ringtones for your gadget. Let me tell you how you can get these ringtones.

For ATT ringtones, first you must make it certain that your ATT carrier is attuned with polyphonic and mp3 ringtones. After making it sure you can browse ringtones and can select from more than 500,000 songs. By using your phone, you can also surf to wap.funtonia.com/test and download the free ATT ringtones as a test.

For Cingular ringtones, the procedure is exactly the same and all you need to know is that your Cingular carrier is compatible with downloads of polyphonic and mp3 ringtones.

The are thousands of websites that claim to offer free and legitimate ringtones, but the seekers of free ringtones must keep two things in mind: Most of these sites are either absolute scams or not genuinely free as they offer ringtones free, but ask you to buy something first or pay for a membership. The second thing is that many sellers use private materials like popular songs and movie themes and they don’t pay royalties to the true rights holders.



att.gifWith more than 500,000 ringtones that include almost 450,000 MP3 ringtones, Funtonia.com is one of the biggest MP3 and polyphonic ringtone websites. You can select the latest ringtones from funtonia.com by paying just1 cent per tone.


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