Early sample of AMD Mendocino Ryzen 3 7320U processor appeared in UserBenchmark

AMD made several important announcements at the Computex 2022 event, including a new line of entry-level mobile APUs called Mendocino.

These new APUs are designed for low-budget laptops and are different from the recently released Ryzen 6000 mobile APUs. This situation is due to the fact that AMD sticks to the older Zen 2 architecture, which can be found in Ryzen 4000 and some APUs 5000. Nevertheless, the integrated graphics part gets a serious upgrade to RDNA 2 from Vega.

AMD Ryzen

The upgrade to RDNA 2 has more to do with the expanded multimedia capabilities of the new architecture, such as AV1 decoding, than pure gaming capabilities, although the new leaked score from UserBenchmark does give us an idea of where the Mendocino might "land" in terms of overall performance.

The leak came in the form of an early Ryzen 3 7320U sample, which was spotted for the first time. The specs of the processor are consistent with the information available, that is, four cores and eight threads.

Meanwhile, RDNA 2 GPU specifications are not available, although the Mendocino, as stated above, does not aspire to become a gaming APU. Nevertheless, it seems that the performance of this early sample (5.63%) is better than what AMD has offered so far with its Vega 3 iGPU, which has an average score of about 4.5%.

Test AMD Ryzen 7320U
Test AMD Ryzen 7320U


The rest of the test system here consists of two LPDDR5-6400 2GB modules, 4GB in total, running at 5,500 MT/s, and a Kingston 256GB NVMe boot drive. The APU was also known to be tested on Windows 11.


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