Eco Friendly Company of 2009 – Sony Europe

Greenest CompanySony Europe has been chosen to be the most Eco friendly & Greenest organization in the year of 2009. It is selected by the ‘Environmental Graffiti’ which is the world’s biggest website on making the world greener. Their contributions to the societies are very huge and honorable. They are always looking and helping companies to also become nature friendly along with making profits. The Sony Europe has a proven record of being active in such programs and has worked along with ‘The Environmental Graffiti’ to convey the message.

In the year 2009, Sony has worked on several projects, the experts from the team of Sony, worked side by side with the children to overcome on the problem of wildfires, the wildfire does not only create troubles on human lives, but also create massive effect on the polluted air we take in after the huge amount of carbon dioxide is released. Sony is very delighted to be chosen by the Environmental Graffiti, and still looking forward to be considered again in the year 2010.

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