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Blogging has become a craze these days, the World Wide Web was never as wide as it is now and blogging has become an important part of it while covering its considerable space.

Tech blog, health blog, this blog, that blog and so and so. Well, you would find blogs related to each and every aspect of this universe.

Blogging involves people and gives them an opportunity to share what they can or want to share with the whole world and make some cash too.

There is no rocket-science involved in creating a blog and anybody can do it if one wants to. However, developing and marinating a blog is a scientific-art that represents blogger’s taste and know-how with the latest online developments.

Blog can be developed easily, but it is difficult to maintain it with impressive and attractive content, as many bloggers find it difficult to get quality content for their blog.

When it’s about making money with your blog, it is better to develop a tech or health blog. Tech and health have a broad spectrum and most of online visitors often seem to search for health and tech related topics.

Many health and tech news blogs are making good money online. Edwardkhoo.com is also one of such blogs as has been developed for making money online.

This blog belongs to Edward Khoo, who is a problogger and pursuing Marketing and E-Commerce in a college. Edward Khoo was also an exchange student in Argentina during 2006 and reckons it a wonderful experience of his life.

At Edward Khoo’s tech blog, you would find posts related to the Internet, gadgets like media players, cell phones and other blogging tools like wordpress etc. Some posts are, no doubt, quite informative as well as interesting. But just like thousands of other tech blogs the same formula of ‘more art, less matter’ has been used there.

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