Embedded internet TV envisioned by Intel and Yahoo

AP – August 20, 2008


Technology brings a new convergence between the traditional tube and the hottest chip manufacturer.  Intel has teamed with Yahoo to bring TV widgets to reality.  The new Intel Media Processor CE 3100 is embedded in television sets to bring interactive web to your living room.  By partnering with Yahoo, users are provided an interface through which they can access their favorite websites.


Using the Internet to bring interactive services to television has long been a goal of many providers.  However, due to a number of obstacles, it could not be achieved.  There was for one slow internet connections, lack of internet-based content and few mass-marketed devices which prevented consumers from seeing internet on TV as a feasible option.  With broadband coming into play,  a burgeoning of content and now the CE 3100, things look set to change.


The history of TV experience shows an evolution from analogue based to the digital base.  Now these traditional formats are being replaced by the internet based platforms.  Intel is also working with industry to build software frameworks to bring the internet experience to the tube.


There is also plenty of data to support the market having shifted preferences for internet based TV.  While watching TV, 69% 18 through 39 year olds are also on the internet according to Forrester’s North American Consumer Technology Adoption Studies.  These statistics show that it was only a matter of time before the traditional and the cutting-edge merged.


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