Enthusiasts cracked Nvidia's LHR mining protection finally

The new software works with any RTX video card.

Almost immediately after Nvidia started releasing cards with anti-mining protection, enthusiasts did not give up trying to crack it. At first they managed to raise the performance of Ethereum mining to 50% of the maximum, and then to 70%. But now the LHR is finally cracked and gives miners the opportunity to use the card's performance to its maximum potential.



It is reported that the new version of Nvidia RTX LHR v2 Unlocker fully restores the performance of video cards, not only custom, but also professional RTX A. It is noted that the software only works in conjunction with hacked drivers.

Thus, the performance of RTX 30xx video cards is from 49 to 115 Mhash, and RTX Axxxx - from 46 to 110 Mhash. According to enthusiasts, the difference in performance between LHR cards and regular unprotected cards is literally units of Mhash.



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