Epic Games has released Unreal Engine 5 and two free projects

As part of today's State of Unreal presentation, Epic Games announced the release of the Unreal Engine 5 along with two free projects.

Features of Unreal Engine 5 have been known before - the engine boasts Lumen global lighting, Nanite virtualized geometry and World Partition world-building systems. The full version also features improved performance and an updated user interface. In addition, together with the engine Epic Games released two projects that can help developers create their own games.

The first, Lyra Starter Game, is a multiplayer shooter, and the second, City Sample, demonstrates the creation of the city from The Matrix Awakens Technodemc game.

Lyra Starter Game Unreal Engine 5
Lyra Starter Game Unreal Engine 5


Also at the presentation was presented a new technodemo The Cavern, which was created by The Coalition, known for Gears of War 4 and Gears 5. The cinematic video gives an idea of what we can expect from future games on the Xbox Series.

 The Coalition is not the only studio, which develops games on Unreal Engine 5. Earlier it was announced that the new The Witcher and Tomb Raider will be released on the new engine. Below you can see the list of other studios, working with Unreal Engine 5.

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