Epson is well known for producing latest model digital camera with attractive features. Epson PhotoPC 3000z Digital Camera is their latest launch in the market with most stylish outlook.

It comes with best colour combination and that makes the device more attractive. The device also compact to handle with and goes handy in any situation. The users definitely enjoy taking pictures through this digital camera by using the advanced features incorporated in the model. The maximum CCD resolution of 3.3 mega pixel available in this Epson PhotoPC 3000z Digital Camera helps to take pictures in high clarity.

Zoom lens is used in this digital camera that comes with auto focus feature. Memory compact flash card with 16MB memory is available in this model. 2544 x 1904 pixels is the maximum image resolution supported by this model. Other features integrated in this model are the optical viewfinder and red-eye reduction feature.

JPEG is the image format that supports the model, where TIFF format is used in uncompressed mode. The film speed equivalency is up to 400 and macro focus range is determined to be 2.36 to 20 inches.

Shutter speed range of this digital camera is 8 to 1/750 seconds and 20 inches focus range. It consists of different kinds of modes like spot metering mode and manual exposure modes. Portrait, landscape and sports modes are the external modes included in this model.

With the help of the USB ports, the user can connect the device in the MACs and PCs. Pentium or higher processor, Windows 95, NT 4.0 with serial port, Windows 98, 2000 with USB or serial port, CD-ROM drive, 64MB RAM, 150MB hard disk space, VGA monitor with 256 colours, 16-bit sound card and speakers.

Worthy software are available such as Sierra Imaging Image Expert, Epson Photo! 3, TWAIN and stand-alone utility driver, Epson file converter and Epson Photo! Print 2 are the few that supports the digital camera.

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