acer_logoAcer revealed its upcoming handsets at the official launch of Tempo smart phone line. The upcoming smartphones namely F1, C1 and L1 is planned to launch in the UK market in fourth quarter.

The F1 looks almost like an iPhone with a full touch screen but the QWERTY is not a slide out. Acer specified the phone’s details as a handset that allows easy multi tasking and provides high performance user interface with widgets.

It is designed in an attractive sleek and high end stylish design which makes it a great attraction for those who love easy to handle sets with style.

C1 will be available in an economical price, offers a full touch screen told as “easy to use touch screen smart phone with fast, simple, hassle-free browsing”. It is described as coming with GPS and stylus in enticing colors like lime green, white, and red.


The L1 is said to be sharply priced fairly, Aymar de Lencquesaing, Senior Corporate VP Acer told. It is a slider phone with GPS and touch screen. With a “user interface adaptable to user profile”, it has a soft- touch keypad with alpha numeric.


L1s will be coming in various different colors like silver with black finishes, white with black finishes and black with silver finishes. All of them will run on Windows Mobile 6.5, and will be having an aggressive price tag.


With their launch in September, their expected prices are F1 at 399 to 499 Euros, L1 249 to 299 Euros, and C1 at 149 to 249 Euros.

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