FacebookFacebook has decided to lay bare its website core to third party developers. This move from social networking site was quite surprising for many as a large number of API of the social networking sites will get bare.

Wall Street Journal says that the move will allow web developers to develop new services if they are allowed to access user’s feeds like notes, videos and comments that are used on the site.

Currently, applications can be created for the site, but now developers will use stringent programming service of the site and it will be converted into standard of an open technology.

This opening of the website’s core will make it somewhat easier for spin-off applications to get out of most of the users content available on the social networking site.

The exact details of this announcement have not been confirmed yet, these details are due today. If it’s going to happen, the social networking site will need to things quite carefully considering the privacy issues that would definitely arise from its opening.

Source: Facebook Opens Site To Developers Of Services

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