facebook-logoIt was in 07 when Facebook Ads was launched to provide a better and effective way to various businesses and brands for a nice representation on Facebook and communicate with other FaceBook users. But now (according to a reliable source) these pages are being significantly redesigned.

Nowadays you will find innumerable pages that seem to highlight several many brands.  These pages can be set up for free and then sales team of the site supports the brands to purchase these ads that point to the pages.

Those users who visit these pages also get familiarity with the brands and sometimes leave a wall comment as well.

There are standard Facebook features including user comments Wall, photos and video places, News Feed showing changes and updates available on these pages. There are many advertisers who spend hefty sums to customize the pages with various applications as well as widgets to better represent their products.


During the next week, you will get a lot smoother look to these pages with a similar multiab interface that was launched last year.  A second Boxes tab to be used for all the custom application and the comment wall will be shown in the default view.

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