Facebook Redesign

Yes it is true that facebook has been rolling out their new design to some selected users.

Now let’s see what’s new

By default, on the top of the page, there is a menu of links of your popular publisher applications. These are all facebook built applications. For the very first time since its launch, applications are now inside the home page.

Bookmark section highlights your bookmarked applications. In case you have not book marked all 8 applications, the empty space will be filled with your recently and frequently used applications.


The navigation menu has been removed from the left side of the page. In new design it is on the top of the page. The menu lists bookmarked and recently used applications first, and then all the others.

Search is on the right side of the navigation bar.

The new home page is very clean and clear overall. The facebook has prioritize content creation on the wall, friend feed, and twitter status updates. Last but surely not the least, the applications have been moved out of the view on the profile page. Let’s wait and see what the users feedback is on the redesign.

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