During the last two months, Facebook has redesigned almost each and every part of their site, and things are still being changed as the social networking site has come up with a new design of its third-party application directory along with the new interface. In this new app directory different Facebook-verified applications have been flagged in a lot clearer way and it is lot easier now to avoid those full of bugs apps that Facebook users have rejected so far. Similarly, there is more efficient interface to browse apps and now there are only seven categories instead of the previous 22 categories. A new ticker to know about the apps which your friends are using, and external apps listings with Facebook Connect integration are two other new and neat features. It’s, indeed, a better demonstration of verified applications with a smaller number of categories.

Facebook has just introduced a new annual apps verification program and these verified apps have undergone through this program. These applications have been checked whether they are according to the set standard for their content as well as API usage. Those applications which get verification are ticked with green and an outsized badage goes on their description pages. This move also allows the verified applications to get a lot more exposure in the app directory, as they are provided in the featured section that is available at the top of other given applications in every category.

However, Facebook’s search is one segment where these verified apps don’t seem to have the same importance and where users can pick to see only those verified apps that are given in each category. If you are going to search for an application, your search will not help you to find out whether this application is verified or not.

Facebook employee’s favorite apps along with Apps You May Like have also been featured in the new category and there is also a section where you can find the listings of apps in a reverse chronological stream. You can also find out the apps that are available on other sites like iPhone.

Aside from green check-mark, users’ ratings for these apps have also been given beside each and that’s what which makes Facebook fulfill its promise for more exposure to these verified apps.

With the help of cleaner interface of the application directory, users will find it a lot easier to find those apps which they like most. In the previous directory, you could see only a cluster of categories for apps like sports and games and users were allowed to sort by two categories including recently popular and the most popular one.

No doubt, the new directory has come up with a lot more improvements over the previous version, but still there are some features that many developers may not like, but the thing most of users would like is that the apps have been organized according to users ratings and their liking.