Some considerable resources are already working to make tracking of the swine flu easier and Facebook too quite well-aware of its duties and the site has just released some interesting data regarding talks that taking place around the globe for this epidemic.

You can see a photo album on their official page that has just been posted by the social networking site and it contains images that provide details about the people talking about the disease.

The given images are quite helpful to find out about the number of people talking about the disease in various states. In Texas, nearly 0.82% users seem to talk about the disease, while this percentage is nearly 0.29% in Mississippi.

New York, Texas and California have the greatest ratios of users seem to talk about the swine flu, as these places are the hotbeds for the disease. The number of users talking about the epidemic is considerably lower in Canada than the users in the US. Well, it’s quite obvious that Canucks don’t seem a lot more concerned about the outbreak yet.

This interesting data has been generated with the help of the Lexicon service of the site that tracks the mentioning of some terms in a post. Well, now you can better understand who are mostly talking about the disease and it will definitely help to visualize the information spread on this subject.

No doubt, different social media have played an important role in spreading information regarding swine flu outbreak .

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