There was much fuss about their arrival, but it wasn’t certain when. However, now the developers need not to wait anymore, as Facebook has confirmed that its Verified Apps are almost done and they will soon be available to the masses.  The Verified Apps initiative was first announced last year and now developers have been notified that the approved applications will soon be marked with green aside from their names right from tomorrow.

This Verified Apps program designed to highlight the prominence of Facebook Platform that had to face some problems previously because of good and bad application difference. To participate in the program, developers have to pay $375/year fee and they were assigned a badge in return which they can use to motivate users’ trust. Similarly, in application directory they got priority placement.

Now these directories are going live, and a lot depends on Facebook to urge users how these apps can can serve their purpose better than the other available applications. However, it sounds easy, but it’s not so easy in actual particularly in the condition when someone’s favorite apps fail to get approval for it.

It ‘s being expected that these Verified Apps will definitely have a vital role to play  ahead particularly after live payment system  and when the users will have to decide which one is the right source to spend their money.

Facebook is going to launch a heavy marketing campaign for this Verified Apps program and soon it’s going to roll out a video which will tell about the benefits of this program.

Source: techcrunch

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