Logitech and well-known tech news website TechRadar have paired to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Logitech humble webcam and they are giving you an opportunity to win Logitech’s popular QuickCam Sphere webcams that each has £109.99 price tag.

Logitech is considered one of the leading webcams makers in the world and it was in 1994 when it showed off the world’s first webcam for the mass market. This webcam was developed with the latest electronic technology and it could capture videos at a 320×240 resolution with 16 shades.

Now things have been remarkably changed and now the Logitech QuickCam Sphere AF is capable to support a high resolution 2-mp sensor with 1600×1200 resolution.

With its quicker autofocus system and a Carl Zeiss lens, one would find it very handy to get rid of the so-called manual focusing inconvenience. The camera allows images to refocus in just two seconds and makes it sure that images are crispy when it comes to extreme close ups.

The webcam is capable to cover 100 vertical degrees and 190 horizontal degrees of the given room and provides a nice tracking technology.

A motorized lens has been housed in the Sphere AF that provides it an uncanny knack to rotate and follow your face when you move here and there.

It also allows you to personalize conversations with different avatars and other face accessories for the motion and mirror expression. It is being called the Rolls Royce of the webcams world.