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If you want to have a detailed database of file extensions and information to fix file extension related errors, can serve the best as it’s a nice free source to have a detailed database of file extensions and ample amount of information regarding fixing of file extension errors. In its file extension library ,you can have a detailed database of the most popular file extensions and other related information related to different sort of files. In its free file formats library you can have a detailed database of the most popular file extensions like file extension torrent and file extension flv and much more.


It’s not easy at all to prescribe a precise outline related to the function and nature of file extensions because of the competing influences of Mac, UNIX and Windows as all of them have their different file systems and metadata formats.


However, Digital Equipment Corporation was the first company that implemented file extensions in early 1960s. And then, it was Microsoft who adopted the same convention in its DOS operating system and afterwards in Windows. The file extension was expressed by separating the file extension and the base name with a full stop and then these pieces of information were shown together with a convention. In DOS, the file extension was stored separately from base.

If you want to open FLV files in Windows and facing problems in this connection, you haven’t installed a suitable program or may have some registry related error in your system.  To fix such sort of errors, it is strongly recommended to run a free registry scan fro such sort of errors.

Video files compatible with flash are identified with the help of .FLV file. Macromedia was the first that developed and supported the .FLV video files but now it’s being supported by the other companies as well. After their use in YouTube videos, the .FLV files have got quite prominence.

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