There are thousands of well known file extension are available at free file formats library of .No doubt, the site is a hub of several popular file extensions and just like many other file extensions, you can also get a lot of information and details about file extension .QIF and file extension FLAC.


File extension .QIF

This file extension relates to a software application known as Quicken Interchange Format files. This software application is used for personal financial management, transactions and data to other applications like Microsoft Money. You just have to use a simple text editor to open and edit .QIF files. These files also help to recognize QuickTime Image files. These image files are generated by using Apple’s QuickTime’s media player.


File extension .FLAC

This is a popular open source audio file compression format developed by FLAC files do not lose quality in the compression process and this is the key advantage of FLAC over other file formats like MP3 and AAC.

Besides file extension .QIF and .FLAC, a detailed database of many other well-known file extensions like file extension .DO or .MSU is also available here. The site help you to get precise and thorough details to fix those errors that relate to file extension. Similarly, the site also serves as a rich treasure of information related to file extension.


Usually, we have to face some difficulties whenever we try to find an accurate and proper definition of file extension. The things that prove a hurdle in this way are those developments and influences that have been occurring during the past 40 years in the world of computer sciences. Different operating systems such as Windows, DOS, Mac and Linx had different metadata formats and file extension systems for their programs that was the biggest hurdle in this way.

Digital Equipment Corporation was the first company in this field that implemented file extension system as early as in 1960. They developed a procedure to express the file system by making a break within the name of the file extensions.

After quite some time, the same procedure was used in DOS and Windows operating systems by the Microsoft. Microsoft expressed file extension by separating base name with a full stop.

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