Film Festival Website under Attack

 sCredit: news.softpedia

There have been more of the attacks coming to Melbourne International Film Festival or the MIFF with the screening of the highly controversial documentary on exiled Uighur chief, Rebiya Kadeer.

The Chinese hackers have kept on targeting the festival’s site which has even led to putting its tickets on hold. The session would otherwise go sold out every time. They are even being forced to withdraw the screening of the documentary “Ten Conditions of Love” from the festival.

Richard Moore, the director of the executive committee of MIFF, has expressed both shock and concern for the derailment of the smooth processing of the festival.


They have been working behind the scenes and taking control of the technical details that would make these attacks easy to handle. They have also not been able to put up their ticket sales online due to this. These attacks are being carried on methodically led sophisticated ways making it harder for them to manage.


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