Mozilla has just released its Firefox 3.5 beta version that has been especially designed to enhance the performance, offer some new programming features and private browsing mode in its open source Web browser.

The beta versions that released earlier were numbered as 3.1, but now Mozilla has switched to 3.5 as it says that a lot more significant changes have been made than they were considered earlier.  Earlier, Mozilla has announced that the fourth beta is going to be the last one.


The browser market is becoming more and more competitive and some significant new versions from different new players can be seen like Internet Explorer 8 new version from Microsoft, Chrome from Google and now Apple is also putting efforts for securing its Safari browser from Windows foothold.

Currently, when it comes to web browser market share, Firefox is at second place after Internet Explorer.

In the new version some significant changes have been made that relate to quicker Trace Monkey engine, JavaScript programs, JSON built-in technology to exchange data in servers and browsers are some of these changes that you would find in the new version.

Similarly, its private browsing mode will allow you to leave not even an iota on your PC when surfing web a lot.