First Google Phone to be called Nexus One

Nexus One

Nexus OneMostly people of the world want to have some unique and high featured cell phones for their personal use. They require all those phones that have all advantages and features according to the modern requirements. There are many different types of brands that are eve-liked by the people, but Google phones are also so much attractive and authentic. If the establishment of Android phone is not quite live up to the advertise of being the initial or first Google phone, then keep your total attention towards Nexus One Google Phone in the early year of 2010.

That really will be the first and exclusive cell phone, which is launched by the search giant. It is also said about this cell phone that Google has distributed this phone to some its USA employees, and it will the market the cell phone itself without any partnership with any other mobile operating company.

This Nexus one mobile phone was designed inside the Google and will also be sold by the Google. This cell phone is also known as a latest sign of ever-broadening of wireless objectives of Internet giants as Google hunts for different ways to expand their internet services beyond the computers. Nexus One cell phone is actually designed and manufactured by HTC, and will run a heavily modified version of Android.

There is also one thing important of this phone is that the customers will have to provide their own SIM cards, as these cell phones would not come with a service. Over than five percent Western European phones with Android have already accounted for sale. The arrival of the latest smart phone so heavily backed by the Google will clearly very important impact on the market of other smart phones that are dominated by the Nokia and Apple.

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