Microsoft’s Silverlight is going to be upgraded tomorrow with this hope that it would gain ground on Adobe flash software.

In this Silverlight 2.0, several changes have been made such as advanced skinning and template for customization, shudder DRM content protection and new built-in controls.

With its deep zoom navigation and examining of high resolution images is quite easy and fast.

To create application for third parties companies, there are many new networking and developer tools that also include some open source resources.

Scott Guthrie, who is corporate vice president of the .NET Developer Division at Microsoft, says: “Sliverlight was launched just year ago and it has been installed by every one out of four consumers worldwide.”

According to Microsoft’s claims, Silverlight penetration in some countries is as high as 50 percent.
Microsoft knows well that users don’t really consider what mechanism they are about to use to have access for their content. These days the company is actively targeting big business to expand Silverlight growth. Reports suggest that Blockbuster, CBS, Hard Rock Café, Yahoo! Japan, Toyota and AOL are working on some particular Silverlight portals.

People who are already using previous version of Silverlight will have an automatic upgrade to Silverlight2.
In this new software support for Windows, Mac and Linux in Firefox ,Safari and Chrome has been also included.

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