Free Online Bug Protection by Facebook and McAfee

The software technology is taking strides in developing new apparatus and tools to improve the facilities being provided and also to solve the problems that continually prop up time and again.


Photo by pshab

Photo by pshab

Facebook and McAfee have joined hands to provide their valued customers online security. Social networking site users will be benefiting the most by this new cleanup service. McAfee Internet has closed a very positive and beneficial deal with Facebook. According to details made available, Facebook’s users, now totaling around 400 million will have the option to download a six month trial purchase of McAfee’s Internet Security Suite. This system protects computers from bugs and viruses that are encountered and are picked up when users surf casually through almost unlimited social networks.


The newly developed online tool that detects viruses all by itself. Once it confirms an attack is made, it scans and cleans the computer software system.The unique free facility by Facebook and McAfee team effort.  When the Online alert tool finds the infection is computer, it responds immediately by a request sign – to run a scan – and clean it before connecting to Facebook. These continuous spot cleaning safe guards all further online users and discontinue what could start a bug chain among.

The development and then extending a free service to internet, shows definitely a very responsible approach to help customers protect their accounts. Facebook has also provided a spot check for viruses to assist routine net surfers. The details are very simple and can be viewed by clicking on



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