Despite the Schimdt resignation there are some investigations going on in relation to the Apple and Google connection. Despite Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt’s, resignation from the Apple board. The Federal Trade Commission continues to investigate on these issues.

The US FTC has just started to look at some of the Schmidt facts on board with Apple as well as Google. There has been increased productivity with Schmidt’s resignation that has cited that Google is going for core business with Apple.

However under certain pressures Apple seemed to have drawn a line in regards to their situation with Google. There have been persuasive interventions in regards to Google’s business with Apple. FTC director Richard Feinstein has always insisted that the investigations need to be pursued further.

The scrutiny goes on to locate certain underlying factors through their companies for quite some time. It is easy to see certain increased interest in some of the conflicts with the interests of the two parties involved. They have even declared to close past relationships in the new situations.

Source: techradar

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