fujitsu-t4215.jpgUse it in notebook mode or in tablet mode, Fujitsu T4215 Tablet PC allows you to enjoy both ways. Now it’s on you how you do convert this convertible Tablet PC according to your needs and comfort. Without its optical disk drive it weighs around 4.3lbs and it can be used in a lot of situations particularly in industry and business. To view or develop CD/DVDs with added ability the additional weight is insignificant if the optical drive is left in. You need an upgrading and want to go with convertible Tablet PC; the Fujitsu T4215 offers you such tools that work well even on the road.

Some descriptions

• Operateable with Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005 and WindowsVista Capable
• Intel Coro DuoT5500(1.66GHz), T5600(1.83GHz) andT7200(2GHz) processors
• There are two DIMM slots for a maximum 4GB RAM
• 40 GB to 120GB Hard Drive Options with shock sensor utility andtwo-level password protection.
• In optical drive options there are Modular DVD-ROM Drive,Modular DVD/CD combo drive and Modular Dual-Layer

DVD writer with Multi-Format

• In connections there are WiFi,IrDA,RJ-45 and optional Bluetooth
• To make security infallible there are dedicated Smart Card Slot, Trusted Platform Module, Fingerprint sensor and
LifeBook Application security Panel.
• Indoor/outdoor viewable display option

Brief review11206-t4215.jpg

The idea of convertible Tablet PCs is really venerable it gives you the options of using notebook mode or tablet mode when you require a lot of information to enter by using the stylus. The Fujitsu T4215 is among the best of this kind. Due to widescreen display it is quite easier and comfortable to view web sites, movies and other documents .The option of indoor and outdoor viewability is also somewhat laudable.

People who have experience with Tablet PCs of this size know well that the main disadvantage of these devices is their annoying and rather awkward keyboard especially for someone with large hands. However, if you have a small pair of hands, you may find it comfortable. This disadvantage cannot be bothersome as most people wouldn’t be buying a convertible Tablet PC only to use the Keyboard.

The given stylus with the T4215 is not one of those thin, lithe styluses that are mostly used, contrarily; it has been designed like a thick pen. Its battery life is usual as for a Tablet Pc but the T4215 offers the option of modular bay battery that can improve battery workability time up to 10hrs

Fujitsu T4215 in a nutshell

Its weight is handy, it can be used in table as well as notebook mode, there are many available ports and connections and security features are really good but Stylus tether and keyboard may be annoying for some.

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