Hundreds of eReaders with thousands of boastful things are available these days.

You may find many that can store even one thousand books, but the thing now Fujitsu has introduced in its FLEPia, you wouldn’t find in any other eReader. The FLEPia is going to display its varying stuff in colors.

Currently, this new eReader has been launched in Japan with its 385g weight, 8” display and 12.5mm thickness.

Fujitsu website states that more than ten thousands colors are displayed in this new eReader and it doesn’t use any backlit display.

Though colors have been used, yet it doesn’t mean that you can use the FLEPia as a high-definition machine for videos and there a 1.8 seconds refreshing rate for every new screen.

It has colors, but you will to bear some real drain when it comes to its battery as each charge lasts about 40 hrs. With a 4GB SD card, it will allow users to store nearly 5000 books.

It is also Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled and nicely runs on Windows and you can easily operate with a pen for its resistive touchscreen.

Currently, it’s available only in Japan and no words about its release in other parts of the world yet. If you are in Japan, it will set you back in just 99,750ye.