The biggest MP3 and Polyphonic ringtone site.

Aside from features, designs and applications, the things that really enhance the elegance of your handset are ringtones and wallpapers. Many users believe that these wallpapers and iPhone ringtones not only demonstrate your style and taste but they also grab the attention of those whom you want to impress.

Yeah, these wallpapers and ringtones can be the best source to make other interested not only in your device but also in you.

But the question is where we can get the latest and the largest collection of ring tones and wallpapers for our handsets.

This question is not hard to answer at all as there are millions of websites that offering a wide range of wallpapers and ring tones, but half of them don’t have what you want for your cell phone and the other half are quite habitual to charge considerable cents.

Don’t be worry any more! Here comes the best solution as is the biggest MP3 and polyphonic ringtone site on the web where you can get more than 500,000 ring tones including 450,000 MP3 ring tones. Besides MP3 and polyphonic ring tones, you can also download from more than 6,478 wallpapers available on

The site also offers the details of the most popular MP3 real tones and polyphonic Ring tones, latest updates related to cell phones and the music world that keeps you inform what’s happening in the world of music and mobile phones.

You can browse MP3 real ringtones by the name of artists as they have been alphabetically categorized from A to Z at that site.

Whatever you want to have for gadgets ( 7 things, I kissed a girl, low ,Loli-loli and many more ) all you need to spend is one cent and you would fill your cell with your desired ringtones and wallpapers. Download as many as you want but mind it you have to pay a cent for each but a cent is just a cent.

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