German Court Slams Rapidshare with $34 Million Fine

RapidshareThe Regional Court in Hamburg of Germany has slammed the file hosting company, Rapidshare, with a fine of $34 millions which comes to be 24 Euros. The rule stated is that the company should start filtering some of their content immediately. This has also brought into awareness that the protection associated with GEMA claims to represent over 65,000 composers and decides to protect their rights and power.

The request meant by organization by Hamburg court stated that Rapidshare is not going to make profit from any of the 5,000 music tracks they have from GEMA’s collection. Though they are available through the internet they only have to make sure that they do not use stuff from GEMA’s collection.

They need to be zip formatted and protected understood by company’s laws though the process remains a mystery to those who are not adept with these technicalities. However many users use ZIP format files to protect password and download their music so the whole security question is quite a mystery to most.

File Hosting Company

Rapidshare being a hugely popular web site, loads of people keep downloading music from there. So this means a major cut back on their business. GEMA is a representative company for the musicians and artists it holds and thus bear the copyright for all these composers and artists.

Source: techcrunch

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