Softbank, the carrier of Apple’s iPhone in Japan, has revealed a plan to give away free 8GB iPhone with its two year binding contract.

The announcement is quite disappointing for those who have recently paid $235 to get their loving device.

According to this new plan, those subscribers who sign up for the two year contract will get an 8Gb iPhone for free and it doesn’t end here as the company is also cutting prices of 16GB iPhone as the part of their iPhone for everyone campaign.

The carrier is also reducing cost of its data plan rates from the previous $62 per month to $45.60 per month.

For Softbank-to-Softbank customers text messaging and mobile calls are free, but charges being to shoot off when you want to communicate with those friends and colleague who are on NTT DoCoMo or AT&T.

Japan has always emerged as a tough to crack market for Apple, quite dissimilar to the US where touch-screens phones are a comparatively new. A large number of cell phone users in Japan have been enjoying the most advanced devices for quite some time.  However, there were reports that iPhones sales would be lower than expected in Japan during the coming days.

It is not clear yet Softbank is reducing prices responding to weaker demands or  due to some other factor.