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thoughts_logoBeing talented is not a guarantee for success, the world is full of unknown talented people who can do and think in a quite impressive way. Some don’t find opportunities; others don’t know how to make the most of their gifts.

There are many, who always remain up with striking thoughts and ideas, but unfortunately they often can’t voice these thoughts and they lurked inside unsaid. Thanks to thoughts blogging and social networking sites that allow people to share their thoughts that they reckon worth-sharing.

If you also find yourself replete with thoughts and looking for a source where you can share your thoughts, is a real thing for you.

This free blog site allows its users to interact new people through instant messages and forums, upload photos, music files and videos, create blog posts and discuss daily news stories.


There is no membership fee for joining and anyone who is 14 or above can join the site and can have unlimited free space. There are specific sections to upload, edit and delete some blog post, video and photo. You can also make your profile private as three options have been given there that you can use to make your private profile.

Similarly, you have some options too to manage your blog.


Many community blog sites working out there, but on most of these sites you will find limited features that don’t seem to serve your purpose best.

Contrarily, on live comments on news, community forums, video, photo and music file sharing and unlimited bandwidth are some such features as you wouldn’t find on most of other blog sites and these features make it really a nice option for all those who are looking for some really nice option to give voice to their thoughts and also make the most of other thoughts and ideas and rate them, as with their rating system, fellow member of the site also rates your photos, blog posts, videos and podcasts.


If people call you flower, you must try to trickle your fragrance, and can be very helpful to make other notice your fragrance via your thoughts and ideas.

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