Goodmans launches the world’s smallest DAB radio

Titled as GHDAB 101, the world’s smallest DAB radio has been launched by the Goodmans.
With 69.5×44x21.4mm measurements, the radio is really a tiny electronic creature.

It‘s so light in weight (just 48 grams) as you can keep it in your pocket and forget that it is in the pocket.

The headphones of the GHDAB 101 serve as the aerial of the radio and it offers 10 hours’ DAB radio that makes it a perfect choice for long travels. If you switch to old worn FM, it can increase to 15 hours’ listening time.

The size is quite diminutive and that’s why there is not much room for an LCD, however, you can get a backlit display to keep yourself inform the station you are listening to.

This tinniest DAB radio will be available this month with a price tag of £44.99. 

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