Google adds vanity URLs in its profile service

google-logoTo allow users link up their accounts with address, Google has just added vanity URLs in its profile service.

With this new URL, the users will not only be able to easily remember their user names, but also allow them to have improved Google profile visibility in different search engines.

However, before opting for it, you must keep this important point in mind that after selecting a name for your this URL, you will not be allowed to delete or change this name afterward, so you must give consideration before deciding some name.

Google Profiles is somewhat unknown part of the internet giant’s services, but it’s a nice way to tie people in their individual page account to bring things like blogs, YouTube video and Picasa accounts at one place.

Google Profile

Google seems to put a lot of focus on the elements of social networking in its service, and this single page seems to play an important role in bringing the elements of social networking in its service.

Users could claim their profile with gmial user name or some other name that has not been taken for some mail account. The new page will serve as a usable hub for every user.

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