GoogleGoogle has just announced its earning made in the fourth quarter of last year which brings a total of $6.7 billion. The net profit are increased to 17 percent, while on GAAP it is increased up to 35% around 2.2 billion dollars. This means it is more than the analyst consensus of $6.50 each shared, which is a lot more.

After calculating, profits of the year 2009 are ended up with a total of $23.65 billion, which was $21.8 billion in the year 2008. The net income of 2009 was 6.5 billion. During the year the profits came down to 66 percent from the sites Google owned itself and 31 percent from its AdSense revenue throughout the Google’s network. Coming in 3 percent from its other licensing products and other ventures. 16 percent has increased from its own websites advertisements. 13 percent was up on Paid Click ads annually and 9 percent from the third quarter.

The cash generated by the company was $24.5 billion and 19’835 permanent and full-time employees.

CEO Eric Schmidt said “Overall very pleased with performance. We are back in business full blast. Investing heavily. Excited to continue to reinvent search. Doing acquisitions at pace of one a month.”

Jonathan Rosensweig said “Our strategy in 2009 was to double down on our core, search, advertising and display, also wanted to invest in Chrome, Android, and other new products. Internally we called this the “More wood behind fewer arrows” approach.”

A good support is coming in by AdWords when launched. Google launched Android with 1 device, now there are 20. YouTube is making well money, especially its search is performing very well. Seeing a lot of business activities are being done and hitting the sky.

In the year Google will be investing a lot to improve its search, and working on how fastest can they make it to get the results to user, and working on to add more types of ads.

The Google is growing faster and higher, not just because of cheaper solutions but also because, it is the right pathway to do web activities.

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