Google Chrome BrowserPeople always look at Google to give them some refreshing and engaging news. If you are eagerly waiting for news from Google then here it comes one for you. Most of the people were waiting for Google to release a high quality and latest version of Google Chrome browser which they can use for their Mac and Linux: well, Goggle will officially and publicly release their latest version of Google Chrome browser tonight that is especially designed and intended for both kinds of operating systems, this would be easily downloadable.

Now, the most important and you can say the most disappointing news is that you will not be able to fully use this version of Google Chrome especially on your Firefox.

This latest and new version is also called or know as the developer version, this version is especially and basically a rebranded edition of the Chromium development, this version is not as much improved as Google is known for. This version will surely not support plugins and along with a number of other essential key attributes, such as printing.

The release for the latest version of Google Chrome is a great sign for most of us and this ensures that we are close to get a very much stable and reliable version. This is the first step and still there are 2 steps to go with the Beta version and the third and the last one will be the stable version of Google Chrome.

Source: techcrunch

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