Mobile Web Searches

According to recent statistics even through mobile web searches, Google has been the dominant medium of search used throughout US. Mobile web search trends have only gone higher in recent times. Google has been taking a commanding lead in mobile searches too since its mobile web search launch.

The statistics according to Opera’s State of the Mobile Web Report confirms this. About 9% of the pages viewed via mobile, Google’s search portal have repeatedly come to be popular over Yahoo and Bing. These two sites only get 4.3% and 0.03% of the hits among the other search engine pages viewed.


Opera’s State of the Mobile Web Report works on to bring monthly publications about mobile search statistics in great details. They also bring you information on the best of global trends that have been influencing mobile internet in recent times. They also highlight statistics and profiles in Middle East. Their reports have concluded that in January 2010 about 50 million people have been using Opera Mini. This has been a 7.4% increase since December the previous year.

There are statistics and comparison records presented through this team. Their track records included that about 23.3 billion pages had been viewed in January 2010 alone. Since December there have been greater trends among people to view more pages through the net. The data traffic has been noted to be 337 million. The top ten countries to be using the Opera Mini has been Russia, Indonesia, India, Ukraine, China, South Africa, United States, Nigeria, Vietnam and United Kingdom. Nigeria has come back to the top ten’s list after a 3 month of retreat period from using the Opera Mini.

Opera Mini users in Vietnam and India have been the highest to use Google search engine. In Vietnam it has been noted that about 30.9% of pages viewed have been from search engine portals. The users had 63.36 search portal page visits per month, on an average calculation. From India, about 22.1% pages viewed were through search portals again.