Google Earth to offer inside imagery!

Google well-known digital globe application Google Earth will soon offer new imagery that is being got from inside buildings. This new layer will provide ultra-high resolution artwork photos to the viewers from places like Prado Museum in Spain.

The detailed outside views of the museum’s buildings have also been included in this Prado project. This Prado project neither provides an absolute catalog of different artwork nor does it present an impressive 3D experience.

All you get are 14 pictures of different masterpieces that can be navigated through a pop-up that appears when clicking on the building of the museum in Google Earth.

You may find that gigapixel or high- resolution imagery for the exterior as well as for the building of the pictures too much to handle with something like an old ThinkPad T60. Google Earth stammered and happened to be unresponsive. Most of the present day computers should do well.

Photosynth from Microsoft and Everyscape are some other projects that are trying to bring outside and inside navigation collectively.

The Photosynth quite smartly connects photographs into 3D navigable online scenes. The Everyscape develops inner 3D scenes from images for various businesses. Google has also added Sky View in its Google Earth to turn it outward.


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