Internet giant Google has recently unveiled the plans of launching its venture capital fund considering it a suitable time to invest in the latest products that may prove quite effective to improve the profitability of the company.

Various venture capital companies have been working for quite some time, but the arrival of the internet giant in this arena is being welcomed by the tech industry on which the shadows of worldwide economic downturn are getting darker with every passing day.

Google Ventures will try to find out some real bright, new ideas across the globe and offer the needed capital to different companies to make things happen for such ideas.

A post of Google Venture says, “Goggle Venture has been developed to find out and work for the growth of companies that are seeking financial assistance to make things work for their bright ideas.”

“Various industries like clean-tech, health care, hardware, software and consumer internet are under study for this purpose and are willing to invest anywhere with very aim to help newly established companies.”