Google may allow the creation of smartphones without physical SIM cards.

It will be possible to write two phone numbers into the eSIM module. Google has such a patent.

Google can tangibly change today's smartphones in terms of one important feature. 

With the Multiple Enabled Profiles (MEP) feature, Google wants to allow two numbers to be assigned to a single eSIM and switch between them, according to a source. Google is basing the new feature on a patent filed in 2020, which describes splitting the existing SIM card interface into two digital connections. There have been reports in the past that Google is testing such a solution on the Pixel's engineering hardware. 

Such a solution could allow smartphone manufacturers to get rid of conventional physical SIM card slots altogether. At least in some markets where eSIM has been around for a while. 

Doing away with the classic SIM cards, among other things, would allow smartphone manufacturers to use the freed internal space for other needs. For example, to increase battery capacity.  

The search giant can integrate the MEP function directly into Android, which means it can be implemented by any company.  

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