Google releases Improved Gmail version for iPhone and Android

gmail_logoTo give a more sophisticated touch to the internet mobile email service, Google has just launched a new web-based version of Gmail that will allow iPhone and Android users to have faster access to their messages and that will be workable when these users are offline.

This web-based Gmail version was showed off by Google last week and it also announced that it would be available on their Mobile blog. Joanne McKinley, a mobile engineer at Google says: “You would definitely find it a lot faster to perform various actions like searching, navigating and opening emails.

It will also allow you to open recent messages and compose when there is drop in data network.”

The given new features are quite interesting and it is, indeed, a big step, as Google has quite significantly demonstrated the power of mobile web browser that are being used not only to surf web pages, but also running other web-based applications. One needs not to download this Gmail application via Apple’s App Store or Android market, as it begins to work just after pointing the browser to


Improved Gmail version for iPhone and Android

It is quite significant for Google as Android and iPhone can be supported with one Website that may also support Palm Pre in the coming days. The company wouldn’t need to develop different applications for different devices; it has been already featured in BlackBerry as well as Android and now in the iPhone.

Android and iPhone users will definitely find the new version a lot more detailed than the forerunners. Here is a list of new features that one can find in the new version.

  1. It will allow users to select multiple messages and then mark them spam, read or unread as well as archive or delete them.
  2. It has a floaty bar that appears to travel with the page while scrolling through some message.
  3. It will also allow you to have easier retrieval of older messages that can be done with a given search button.
  4. The thing that sets this application apart is the offline access that stores mail messages on the handset with still settling-down HTML5.

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