Google revealed which Android services will soon receive improvements and new features

Developers from Google told about the innovations that await users of Android devices in the future. Changes relate to the background blur function in Google Photos, grammar check with the Gboard keyboard, speech-to-text transcription application Live Transcribe, as well as other useful innovations.

First of all, it is noted that the Google Photos app on Android will soon receive an updated background blur tool. Users will be able to apply this effect not only to pictures with images of people, but also to photos with animals, food or plants. According to reports, the feature will first be available to owners of Pixel smartphones, as well as subscribers to Google One.

In addition, the developers have improved the speech-to-text transcribing application Live Transcribe, which is in demand among the hearing impaired. Now it will be able to function autonomously, without a permanent connection to the Internet. Thus the disabled can interact with the world around them, even in places without a stable internet connection, such as the subway or an airplane. Live Transcribe is available on all Android smartphones and comes pre-installed on Google Pixel and Samsung devices.


Another change concerns the grammar checker feature for the Gboard branded keyboard. It was previously exclusive to Pixel smartphones, but will soon become more widespread. According to reports, the grammar checker will complement the spell checker already available on Android. Gboard will also get new emoticons and stickers that can be used in different messengers and online services.

As for other innovations, we should mention some of them. For example, Google Assistant will get support for voice commands related to car parking. Users will be able to pay and check the status of parking, as well as to extend its validity time. This function is implemented through integration with ParkMobile, at this stage it will be available in the U.S.

Also after the update the Nearby Share file sharing function will allow multiple users to transmit data simultaneously, and Google TV will have a new tab "Basic", which will simplify access to news and entertainment reviews based on user preferences. In addition, there will be a new Screen Time widget on Android, which will show the applications on which the user spends time during the day.

When exactly the mentioned innovations will be available to users of Android devices is still unknown. Most likely, this will happen in the coming weeks.

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