Google Acquired Gizmo5

Google Acquired Gizmo5Google has just confirmed that it has acquired Gizmo5 just for the users of its Google Voice application. This is a new addition from the telephone company, teaming up with Google in order to merge in with the group along with Google Voice team.

The pending acquisition has definitely come with some earlier themes that have been acquired via Techcrunch. This overshadowing of the announcement from Google’s 3rd largest acquisition to date has been received by the company in a bid to bring greater financial resolutions and terms with dealing in about the disclosed features.

There has been a $750 million AdMob deal that has come with a greater Web based VOIP client body that makes phone calls to be made easier. Gizmo5 allows you to make calls through the Internet and is quite similar to programs that one uses like Skype and Google Talk. This addition is now better for Google’s worldview to bring Skype’s internally developed system to focus. There are PCs and mobiles that can be facilitated through mobile phones along with the technologically used and enhanced Google Voice system.

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