The search giant has just unveiled a new tool that allows users to re-order, add or remove specific web search results.

Google’s product manager, Cedric Dupont says about the tool: “It is, no doubt, revolutionary and we must not reckon it a baby step in the world of search, as it’s really a huge step.”

“The SearchWiki will provide users more control and more satisfaction over their search results,” he added.

However, some industry analysts predict a big problem with that effort.

Greg Sterling, who is an editor with, says in this connection: “Majority of users wouldn’t like to go with it and might think about the results if it shows like below that one or above this one.”

“But it is a good addition for motivated or elite core of users who really want to take part in the process.”

Aside from ranking results, SearchWiki will allow users to write comments while logging into their Google account and it will be a dialogue balloon along with the result when they come back for more searches.

It will be public as well and the other using SearchWiki can view them and get feedback on a website.

According to Dunpont, the tool will not affect the way websites are ranked by Google.