Google has extended a new filing service beyond all boundaries. This service allows users to use 1 GB of space to store any data. The application is termed Google Apps called upload any file type.

This is talk already it seems similar to ‘G Drive’ but refuted-by Google. The Google Apps are also being enhanced in a few weeks so that users may easily upload and share all the files / informations intentionally and 250 Mb files.

The storage per user is 1GB but he can avail upto 250MB comparable space. There is no need to connect to your internal office network and no need for files emailing. Just use a company network drive and access your files using Google Docs from web enabled computer.

The folder sharing in Google Docs is infact projecting a combined team effort among co-workers and general users.

The emailing is reduced as you can upload files to a folder and can be shared with colleagues who can edit the files jointly also. The external clients and sales staff can also share revival if needed.
Chrome OS

The Google Chrome OS will be released sometime in 2010 that will allow online storage beyond several gigabytes allotted to Gmail user account.
The Google recommends that if Google Apps Premier users stay within the allotted 1GB limit, this limit will soon be enhanced. Above could be purchased just as the Gmail limit was increased. The next few months would enable the customers to purchase additional storage for 3.50 / GB / Year (€ 3.00 / GB / Year).

Please be clear that not the G-drive but online shareable file storage from Google allows you to store any file type.