Google Street View

Google is looking to develop the features of its Street View and further enhance it by refreshing the images every year from now on. This decision was prompted by the fact that urban landscapes are in a state of flux at all times. To be able to keep up with this constant changes happening in the cities, this move was decided upon by Google.

In the same vein, the European Union is reviewing certain regulations concerned with the way Google is trying to make images of the cities of the world available on the World Wide Web for everyone to see. The EU want to know more about Google’s retention policy concerning the Street View Image.

According to Google, the Street View Images should be retained for a year. However, according to the European Union, the officials think that the period of one year is too long and want it to be shortened to six months. Also, the EU wants Google to put out notices in the media so that people know when the company will send their Street View cameras to take the pictures of the cities in general.

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