Google unveiled a test version of Chrome OS Flex

Google has unveiled a test version of Chrome OS Flex. You can download Chrome OS Flex directly from a flash drive or install it on your PC's hard drive.

We should also note the low system requirements for Chrome OS Flex. It's a great operating system for low performance computers. Chrome OS Flex is also compatible with Apple computers.

Chrome OS Flex is distributed completely free of charge. The company is going to release regular updates for Chrome OS Flex and there is support for Google Play app store. In fact, Chrome OS Flex is a refined version of CloudReady. In 2020, Google acquired Neverware, the company that developed the tool.

The announcement of Chrome OS Flex comes a few years after Google acquired Neverware, the company that created Cloudready, a lightweight operating system for schools and businesses with fleets of old PCs or Macs. Talking about the use case, Google says older systems can be "revitalized" by replacing Windows or macOS with Chrome OS Flex, a lightweight operating system that can run on weaker hardware and remain stable for years.

The company says Chrome OS Flex will get as much attention from Google as Chrome OS. It will look and work just like Chrome OS because the new operating system is based on the same code base.

The availability of some features may depend on the hardware. This means that some features, such as permanent access to Google Assistant and syncing with your Android smartphone, may not be available on some devices.

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